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Turkish born clarinetist Oğuz Büyükberber's musical work stands on the crossroads of contemporary composition, improvisation, Turkish music, and jazz. He studied bass clarinet with Harry Sparnaay, and audited Theo Loevendie’s composition classes.

He has performed in major festivals all over Europe such as North Sea, Traumzeit, Akbank and London Jazz Festivals, recorded nine CD's and participated in over 50 album productions including releases on Blue Note and ECM. He now lives in Amsterdam and collaborates with a pool of international musicians including Simon Nabatov, Gerry Hemingway, Guus Janssen, Claudio Puntin, Wolfgang Reisinger and many others. 

Always seeking for structure and new forms even when letting go in high energy free improvisation, Büyükberber composes a wide range of music both for his own projects and other commissions. He also incorporates his own visual art into musical performances and finds new ways to use live-electronics.

In 2012 he was a given a "Carte Blanche" from the "Bimhuis" in Amsterdam, in 2011 he was named a Selmer Artist.




For 2 players, vidoe and live electronics

European Premire by Duo X at STEIM on June 18

Don't Faint!

A new pece for 4 players and video

Premiered by Kairos String Quartet at Galerie Patrick Ebensperger in Berlin as a part of the Urban Acoustic Tribes


New Solo Program

"Unlearning to Think"  


Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin

March 19 2015

New Recording

Komitas with Marc Sinan Company in Berlin!

Consisting of a wonderful new repertoire of Komitas songs rearranged by Vache Sharafyan featuring Isabelle Bayraktarian and Marc Sinan original compositions, this recording is planed to be available by the  end of April 2015! 

New Piece!


For Shackle

Anne La Berge - Flute with Electronics Robert van Heumen - Laptop Instrument and MicroBrute

Premiere on December 14 Splendor Amsterdam


New CD!

“Live at the Bimhuis” 21-9-12


Trytone Records

Oğuz Büyükberber- Bass Clarinet, Contra-Bass Clarinet, Simon Nabatov- Piano, Gerry Hemingway- Drums

In 2012, Büyükberber received a “Carte Blanche” from Amsterdam’s famous Bimhuis and he invited Simon Nabatov and Gerry Hemingway to play a set together. This was the second time this trio played a concert. First one was another “Carte Blanche” by the International Akbank Jazz Festival in Istanbul, for its 20th anniversary edition. The music on this EP release was recorded on the Bimhuis was recorded and broadcasted by the VPRO.

The trio covers a wide terrain, from scratchy textural exchange energised sequences where lyrical bass clarinet spews out notes atop careening piano and tub-tubing drums. Though just over half an hour in length, it’s sufficient to show that this aggregation deserves more than one one off.

John Sharpe, The New York City Jazz record


New Project!

(busy mind of the) Lonely Commuter

by Büyükberber Klein Duo

Music for Silent Movies about Amsterdam, Istanbul, Paris and more...

Oğuz Büyükberber and Tobias Klein- Bass Clarinets Video Art by Oğuz Büyükberbe Music by Büyükberber Klein Duo


July 2015

22 July 2015

Bass Clarinet Recital at International Clarinet Festival 2015 / Madrid

26 July 2015

Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet at International Clarinet Festival 2015 / Madris

June 2015

28 June 2015

Buyukberber, Klein duo at Roze Tanker / Amsterdam

19 June 2015

Oksus at Maxim Gorki Theater / Berlin

18 June 2015

Thursday Meeting at STEIM

Featuring DuoX, Steven Ricks, Christian Asplund Duo, NOT Trio

16 June 2015

Oksus at "2xhöre" Körber-Stiftung / Hamburg

12, 13 June 2015

Oksus at Humbolt Forum Berlin

6 June 2015

Byzantion tot Istanbul by Selim Doğru

Holland festival / Podium Mozaiek - Amsterdam

May 2015

30 May 2015

Basklarinetdag / Splendor Amsterdam

29 May 2015

Kairos Quartet premiers "Don't Faint!" at Wedding / Berlin

2 May 2015

"komitas" at RADIALSYSTEM / Berlin

April 2015

24 April 2015

"komitas" at Maxim Gorki Theater / Berlin

17-18 April 2015

"komitas" at Maxim Gorki Theater / Berlin

6-12 April 2015

Cocerts and Workshops at Tonspuren Festival / Klooster Irsee- Germany

with Marc Sinan Compoany pe4rforming "Komitas"

March 2015

19 March 2015

Oğuz Büyükberber Solo @ Maxim Gorki Theater Belin

January 2015

22 January 2015

Oğuz Büyükberber- Sophie Hassfurther Duo @ Hallein Theater / Austria

December 2014

14 December 2014

SlowHZ Teaser at Splendour / Amsterdam

Anne La Berge, Laura Carmichael, Oğuz Büyükberber, Robert van Heumen, Wilbert Bolsink

Including the premiere of Oğuz Büyükberber’s new piece “crack” for Shackle

October 2014

28 October 2014

24th International Akbank Jazz Festival

Mehmet Uluğ Tribute Night

Babylon / Istanbul


26 October 2014

Oğuz Büyükberber, Simon Nabatov Duo

Loft / Cologne


20 October 2014

Oorsprong Curator Series /Amsterdam

Feat. Wolter Weirbos


15 October 2014

Balkan Clarinet Summit

#rd Istanbul Clarinet Festival / Istanbul


9 October 2014

Tobias Klein

Raoul vd Weide

George Hadow

Delicatessen / Amsterdam


4 October 2014

Balkan Clarinet Summit

Fulda / Germany


3 October 2014

Balkan Clarinet Summit @ Bimhuis 40 Years

Bimhuis / Amsterdam


2 October 2014

Balkan Clarinet Summit

Ulm / Germany


1 October 2014

Balkan Clarinet Summit

Cologne / Germany


September 2014

18 September 2014

Marc Sinan Oğuz Buyukberber Duo @ Toonspuren Festival

Kloster Irsee / Germany


12 September 2014

Buyukberber Klein Duo @ Dusseldorf Festival

Dusseldorf / Germany


11 September 2014

Buyukberber Tüzün Şişman @ Frischzelle Festival

Cologne / Germany


10 September 2014

Buyukberber Klein Duo @ Frischzelle Festival

Cologne / Germany


9 September 2014

Timeart Ensemble @ Frischzelle Festival

Cologne / Germany



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Current Projects

OĞUZ BÜYÜKBERBER SOLO Composed and improvised music for clarinet and bass clarine with or without live or prepared electronics with or without visuals

BÜYÜKBERBER KLEIN DUO Oğüz Büyükberber and Tobias Klein- bass clarinet and contrabass clarinets

BÜYÜKBERBR-NABATOV-HEMINGWAY Oğuz Büyükberber- clarinets, Simion Nabatov- piano, Gerry Hemingway- drums

NOT TRIO Ned McGowan- flute and contrabass flute, Oğuz Büyükberber- clarinets, Tolga Tüzün- piano

GIBI Oğuz Büyükberber- clarinet, Demirhan Baylan -electric bass, Cem Aksel / Cengiz Baysal- drums

OKSUS Marc Sinan- guitar and live electronics ,Oğuz Büyükberber- clarinets and live electronics. Rolf Zielke- harpsichord, Heinrich Köbberling- percussion


Past Projects

BALKAN CLARINET SUMMIT Claudio Puntin, Steffen Schorn, Oğuz Büyükberber, Stavros Oazerentis, Sergiu Balutel, Slobodan Trkulja- clarinets

Trio Koan 2004-06 Amsterdam. Contemporary jazz trio. Oğuz Büyükberber- bass clarinet, Valdi Kolli- bass Uli Genenger- drums

Office-R 2001-2007 Amsterdam. An international electro-acoustic sextet playing structured improvised music. Koen Nutters - acoustic bass, Robert van Heume - laptop, Jeff Carey - laptop, Morten J. Olsen - percussion, Oğuz Büyükberber - bass clarinet, Dirk Bruinsma - saxophones

Turqumstances 2001-2004 Amsterdam- Istanbul. A cross over project by oğuz büyükberber, ağlayan yıldız and sjahin during. the band played a groove mixture of anatolian, balkan and afro cuban musics with a jazzy touch. composed and arranged by büyükberber and yıldız. oğuz Büyükberber- bass clarinet, compositions çağlayan yıldız- guiter, co positions sjahin during- afro-anatolian percussion with sibel gürsoy- voice slobodan trkulja- tenor saxophone, clarinet, bagpipe, kaval hasan esen- violin, oud engin arslan- bağlama, tanbur arnold dooyeweerd demirhan baylan- bass ruben van rompay/ cengiz baysal- drums

a z 1997-2000 Istanbul. Acoustic fully composed to fully improvised duo. oğuz büyükberber- clarinet and bass clarinet çağlayan yıldız- acoustic guiter and acoustic bass guiter

Lodos 1995-1998 Istanbul. Modern jazz quartet playing originals with nordic and Indian influence. oğuz büyükberber- clarinet and bass clarinet sarp maden- guitar mahmut yalay- bass ateş tezer- drums

Bosphorus 1995-1999 Istanbul, Athens. A cross cultural project directed by nikiphoros metaxas which combined folk and art music forms of turkey and greece

Kaçan Keçi 1993-1996 Istanbul. Brain storm trio oğuz büyükberber- clarinet and bass clarinet çağlayan yıldız- acoustic guiter and acoustic bass guiter alper maral- piano



Selected Discography

Live at The Bimhuis by Büyükberber, Nabatov, Hemingway Trytone 2014

Balkan Clarinet Summit Piranha 2014

Hasretim by Marc Sinan ECM 2013

Injured by NOT Trio: Ned McGowan, Oguz Buyukberber, Tolga Tuzun Müzik hayvanı 2013

Baby Steps by Cengiz Baysal Group Babajim 2013

Gibi by Oğuz Büyükberber Trio Trytone 2012

Buyukberber Moods by Emanuele Raymondi Zerkilled 2012

4 by Oğuz Büyükberber Lin records 2011

Melting Pot Free Improvised Music from Istanbul WIRE Magazine Subscriber Special 2010

Periphery by Tolga Tüzün AK Müzik 2009

Orient Express by Hassfurther, Büyükberber, Enzlberger, Reisinger Extraplette 2010

Medcezir by AXYZ Ensemble Karnatic Lab Records 2009

Rooms by DBO +3DB Records 2009

Ara by Oğuz Büyükberber AK Müzik 2009

Yedi Yer, Yedi Gök by Ayse Tutuncu Piano Percussion Band Blue Note Records 2008

Recording the Grain by Office R +3DB Records 2008

Koan by Trio Koan Karnatic Lab Records 2006

Mundane occurrences and Presentations by Office R Lampse 2006

Panayir by Ayse Tutuncu Trio Blue Note 2005

Kraakgeluiden Document 1 UnSoounds 2004

Canli by Oguz Buyukberber Quintet Ada Muzik 2002

Velvele by Oguz Buyukberber Ada Muzik 2001

a z by Oguz Buyukberber & Caglayan Yildiz Ada Muzik 1998

Balkan Dreams by Bosphorus Light of Anatolia MBI Greece 1996 / Ada Muzik 1999

Istanbul by Craig Harris & The Nation of Imagination Doublemoon Records1997



oguz at buyukberber dot com